A former architecture student & native Angeleno, Carol Young became intrigued with the needs of urban nomads while living abroad in Asia, studying design in NYC and traveling far & wide. Taking subways, walking and cycling about town, she found herself seeking clothing that would allow her to move, keep dry and comfortable, but also express her individuality.

Called to action, Carol accepted a fellowship at Cornell University to experiment in these functional apparel needs. The result was a collection that explored the use of "undesigned" recycled-clothing and active-wear materials into new urban nomadic apparel. In 2003 Undesigned was born.

Carol Young | Undesigned is a series of beautiful, seasonless clothing designed for the modern woman. Using a combination of durable performance fabrics, sustainable organic & recycled blends and designer surplus fabrics for flavor, our goal is to create well-loved pieces that will live a long and cherished lifetime in your wardrobe. Each piece explores creating texture and shape in clean, modern and flattering silhouettes.

Handcrafted, distinct and individually made with TLC for all, Carol Young | Undesigned is worn by distinguished curators, architects, designers, filmmakers, and creative individuals worldwide. All our clothing is lovingly made in Los Angeles, California.

Wear often & enjoy!