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Pink Theory Clay Face Mask
Pink Theory Clay Face Mask

Bell Mountain Naturals

Pink Theory Clay Face Mask

$ 6.00


Bell Mountain Natural's Pink Theory Clay Mask is formulated to create a gentle skin softening yet detoxifying experience. A blend of vegan coconut milk powder to soften and soothe, Rose clay and Kaolin clay for gentle detoxification, organic Chamomile powder to soothe irritated skin and rose hip powder for all it's potent skin brightening power. This mask is gentle yet effective.

Because this is a dry mask, you can truly customize it to fit your skincare needs. Mix in whatever your little heart desires. This can be as simple as water or go for the full spa experience and use a little honey, yogurt, or aloe to name a few. Mix to desired consistency, apply and let dry for about 10 minutes. Rinse with water and follow with a moisturizer.

For all skin types, especially sensitive, dry skin.

INGREDIENTS: Rose clay, Kaolin clay, coconut milk*+, Chamomile powder+, Rosehip powder+.

*Vegan, casein and dairy free +organic

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